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Circle K Mill sells bulk grains at a cheaper rate than bagged grains, because there is less of a process involved between the field and the customer. Before you purchase bulk grains it is best to understand exactly what bulk grains are and how they are distributed.

Bulk grains are grains that are not bagged into 50lb bags.
Because bulk grains are not bagged, there must be some way of containing them to make sure they safely arrive at their destination.

Here at Circle K Mill, there are a few commonly used solutions to transport bulk grains.

Probably the most common solution used by the average customer, is the barrel! Many people use 55 gallon drums as a barrel.

Another common method of obtaining bulk grains is in what we refer to as
'Big Bags':

'Big Bags' can be purchased at Circle K Mill for $12 dollars, and if you decide that you don't want to keep the bag, they can be returned for a refund of $10 dollars.

Occasionally we have someone come in with just their pickup and want to get grain loose in the back of it. We can work with this, but there needs to be some way of plugging holes in the back of pickup so the grain doesn't leak out. A common solution to this is a tarp:

Lastly, for those customers who intend on purchasing a large quantity of bulk grains, and would like a delivery, for a small fee we'll bring our bulk truck out to your place and fill your bin!