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If you're not quite sure how to deal with bulk grains, click here:
Understanding Bulk Grains

There is a 300lbs minimum on bulk grain purchases.

All prices are based on 100lbs.

Stocked grains:
Bulk Barley: $8.00
Bulk Whole Corn: $9.75
Bulk Cracked Corn: $10.25
Bulk Whole Oats: $11.00
Bulk Wheat: $9.00

Preorder grains:
Bulk 3 Way: $16.00
Bulk Cake: $18.00
Bulk Flaked Corn: $11.50
Bulk Pig Pellets: $16.00

All prices are based on 100lbs.

Bulk grains cannot be obtained in containers which hold less than 150lbs.